Usage Meter for Internode Broadband

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NodeStats is the easiest way for Internode customers to take control of their quota and usage for ADSL, NBN, Fibre Estates and compatible Internode broadband plans.

NodeStats provides up-to-date and detailed account information, and quick access to Internode Support.

Available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Pro.

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Please note: NodeMobile Voice and NodeMobile Data statistics are not currently supported; that information is not available from Internode.

Adelaide Consulting and NodeStats are not affiliated with Internode Pty. Ltd.

Privacy Policy

What NodeStats Does

We take your privacy and security seriously.

After you login with your Internode username and password, NodeStats authenticates with Internode, then downloads usage and plan data.

The plan data describes your Internode account. Financial information is not provided.

The usage data describes the amount of data transferred through your Internode account(s) over the last 30 days.

The usage data does not describe what you have downloaded or uploaded. (That information is not available from Internode.)

All usage data is stored on your device. Data older than 30 days is deleted. When new usage data is received, older data is deleted. If you remove the app from your device, all usage data is removed with it.

Your Internode username and password are stored in your device’s Keychain (i.e. the iOS system-level vault), and are cleared from memory directly after use.

What It Doesn't Do

NodeStats does not share your data with anyone.

To be clear: Adelaide Consulting does not have access to your usage data, or any other personal information.

NodeStats does not collect customer information. Developers do not receive customer information after a purchase on the Apple App Store.